Reader: John Calipari Is an Honest Coach

How to fire up these guys? Suggest their coach is crooked.
Reader Jeff responds to John Calipari May Be Sleazy, But When it Comes to Recruiting Terrence Jones He's Done Nothing Wrong

"The funny thing is - and it's funny that none of the villagers with pitchforks has mentioned this - not one player has ever said anything bad about Calipari. In fact, the one word that comes up most often in their descriptions of dealing with Cal is 'honest'. Terrence Ross seemed to criticize him the other day for guilt-tripping Jones, but let's face it, there are not many personal relationships between players that are as deep as the one between Ross and Jones. Anyway, from what Ross actually said, it was clear that he was going on what other people had speculated. He did not say, Terrence Jones told me that Calipari had done thus-and-such. He more or less repeated things bloggers had said."

"It's also extremely ill-advised for UW fans to talk like Emmert is going to pursue their narrow agenda as head of the NCAA. The NCAA has been very careful to stay off Cal's toes. The fact that two programs he coached have been disciplined is suggestive, sure, but the details don't carry the suspicions any further. Coaches can be admonished or warned by the NCAA as well as punished. Don't you think the NCAA would have done something like that to Cal if they thought they could survive the lawsuit?

"If you're looking for sleazy coaches, how about the coach in Texas who runs up scores? How about the Seton Hall coach? How about the coaches who drink, the ones who gamble, the ones who date students, the ones who get involved in drug dealing and murder plots? You can Google these up for yourself.

"The anti-Cal brigade may turn out to be right someday and they'll let us hear about it. But in the meantime, isn't at least fair to point out that they get to safely cop the trifecta of prejudice this way? They get to crack on UK's supposed spearchuckers - normal racism - and crack on the people of Kentucky - making jokes about white trash as if rednecks constituted not just another race but another species - and they get to pretend that their public 'university' has something academic about it, when in fact you can graduate from either school without knowing how to read. Most people worrying about what happened to the student-athlete would do better worrying about what happened to the student. Most public universities are quite candid these days about the fact that freshman and sophomore years are nothing but 'social education' for the vast majority of 'students'."

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