Preston Walcker, Former Snohomish Deputy, Charged With Robbing Four Banks in Virginia

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Walcker allegedly robbed four banks in one month's time.
Preston Walcker's friends and family thought his troubles were behind him. The former Snohomish County Deputy had a spotted past.

A back injury he suffered while on duty had led to a prescription pill addiction. Which led to his resignation and a drug charge in 2002. But the 44-year-old Walcker seemed to have righted the ship, working as an alcohol counselor at a Seattle Salvation Army as late as last year before moving to Virginia.

"It seemed like maybe he turned his life around," a Snohomish County cop who used to work with Walcker told the Everett Herald.

It was there, however, that something went wrong.

In March, Walcker's wife, who still lives in Lynnwood with their two kids, filed for divorce. A month later, police say, Walcker went on a spree wherein he knocked over four banks; three in Virginia Beach and one in nearby Chesapeake.

Walcker is being held without bond at a Virginia Beach jail. If convicted he faces up to 30 years in jail.

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