Patty Murray and Dino Rossi Shared Some '04 Donors--What Will Those Double-Dippers Do Now?

Who's it gonna be this time, Rick?
Assuming former Republican Gov-wannabe Dino Rossi announces his intention to run for the U.S. Senate tomorrow, it won't be the first time he and Democratic incumbent Patty Murray have simultaneously vied for votes statewide.

In 2004, both Murray and Rossi were wooing the Washington electorate, just not in the same race. As a result, a few deep-pocketed donors supported both candidates. It makes sense to want to keep a pork-disbursing Senator in Washington, while looking for tax breaks at the state-level from a GOP governor.

But now what will people like Franz Lazarus, a Costco executive who gave $2,000 to Murray and $500 to Rossi in 2004 do? "I don't choose to comment," Lazarus says.

Other high-profile Rossi/Murray 2004 double-dippers (according to the state Public Disclosure Commission and Federal Election Commission), none of whom responded to requests for comment today:

David Bassford, Co-Founder and Vice President of payday lender Moneytree:

* Rossi: $1,650

* Murray: $2,000

Rick Holley, CEO Plum Creek Timber:

* Rossi: $1,000

* Murray: $2,000

John Creighton, attorney, Port Commissioner:

* Rossi: $2,700

* Murray: $1,250

And in case your wondering how each did:

* Rossi: 1,373,228 (lost to Chris Gregoire)

* Murray: 1,425,368 (beat George Nethercutt)

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