Nick Kasemehas: Conning Even the Cons

The dashing jewel thief
Paul Wright is among those writing in to share their fond memories of career con man Nick Kasamehas, SW's cover boy last week. Wright, editor of Prison Legal News, did time at Monroe with Kasemehas in the 1990s. "We worked as janitors in the gym together," says Wright. "Amusingly, he used to tell prisoners and guards he was a member of Italian American organized crime (AKA the mafia) and was mobbed up. Apparently the con continues."

Kasemehas mostly kept to himself and was likable enough, Wright recalls. "He said he was in prison for a Bellevue jewelry store robbery where the jewels were never recovered. A decade and a half later and I still remember that since it stands out from the usual run of the mill dope fiends and ne'er do wells in prison."

Kasemehas' record shows no conviction for a jewelry heist. He does have several convictions here in the early nineties for grand theft - making off with funds from his phony gold-investment scheme. But "bilking little old ladies" is not much of a bragging line in prison.

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