Mechele Linehan Out on Bail, But Won't Be Able to Come Home to Olympia

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Photo by Anchorage Daily News.
She found another benefactor.
Former stripper Mechele Linehan, who had her murder conviction thrown out by an Alaska Appeals Court earlier this year and now awaits a new trial, was released from prison last night. But she won't be coming home to her family in Olympia. Linehan has been effectively put under house arrest in Anchorage, according to that city's Daily News.

We noted last week that Linehan, a onetime stripper who's accused of killing one of her former customers, had received an offer of bail help from a perfect stranger--an empathetic strip-club owner in Alaska. That proposal was shot down by the judge. So how did Linehan, whose husband recently filed for bankruptcy, manage to scrounge together the $25,000 needed?

"A man sympathetic to her case" from the lower 48 put up the funds, is all the family will disclose. And he did it in cash, apparently, unlike the club owner, who was looking to pledge a motel he owns as collateral.

Linehan's new trial is tentatively scheduled for September.

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