Mariner Moose Accused of Getting Shovey With a Fan

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
There is only one hard and fast rule of this blog: if a man dressed as a Moose makes news, we'll cover it. Which means we're kind of obligated to tell the story of Victor Aguilar and his run-in with the Mariners' mascot.

As reported by SeattleCrime, the 32-year-old Aguilar says he was walking out of Safeco Tuesday night during the eighth inning of a Mariners win when he approached the Moose for a photo. Aguilar claims the Moose shoved him, aggravating a surgical wound he got after an operation on his back.

Aguilar says he spent six painful hours in the hospital as a result of the shove. And despite his son's Ichiro super-fandom, he's not sure if he'll ever return to Safeco.

"I don't want to go back, to tell you the truth," he told SeattleCrime. "The experience sucks. It was like a nightmare."

Of course, there are two sides to every story. So now is the time when we get to hear from a nice lady who talks of the Moose as if he's actually a real animal, and not a man in a Moose suit.

"The moose has no recollection of him bumping anyone let alone shoving anyone," team spokeswoman Rebecca Hale told SeattleCrime. "Part of the problem is with [the Moose] is it's a big head and he can't see very well in it. There are times he will move his head and whack [people] with his antlers."


Aguilar says he hasn't hired a lawyer yet. But he's hoping he can get an upgrade on his compensation for being manhandled by a giant plushy; payment of his medical bills, rather than the free game tickets offered by Mariners' staff.

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