LenDale White Has "Slimmed Down" for the Third Time in His Young Career

lendale white pudge.jpg
Ironic, because White is like the least slimming last name too.
New Seahawk LenDale White made his first appearance at Seattle's minicamp this weekend. Which means its time to read yet another story about how the husky running back has "slimmed down" over the offseason.

Back in 2005, when White and Reggie Bush were trying to guide USC to its third-straight national championship, the Trojans' leading rusher was a "slimmed down" 225. Last year in Tennessee, when the Pro Bowl play of waterbug Chris Johnson forced White to fade into the background as much as possible for a man of rhino-like girth, he came to training camp at a "slimmed down" 228. A 40-pound flab-drop he said came about because he stopped drinking tequila.

Now, newly reunited with former USC coach Pete Carroll, White is again being hailed for his smaller waistline, with the National Football Post reporting that he's, yes, "slimmed down" to a svelte 218 pounds. Of course, as his jacket size has narrowed so too have White's stats. So maybe, um, mas Patron, por favor?

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