Legal Immigrant Sick of Illegal's "Sense of Entitlement"

A reader who says he's been in this country legally for a quarter century has some choice words for those who aren't.
Reader Musashi responds to Dori Monson's Poll: 90 Percent Support Arizona-Style Immigration Law Here.

"Just because this nation has had poor enforcement on illegal immigrants does not mean it should stay status quo.

"I've been in this country legally for 25 years, working and paying taxes just like any other Americans.

"I'm just sick of these illegal immigrants' mentality of 'entitlement,' when they have already disrespected the law of this land from very beginning by entering this country illegally."

"People also say things about economic impact if they leave or whatever but you need to recognize that these people often send their earnings to their respective countries therefor they are taking money out of this country. They are also bringing down the wages because why hire legal resident when they can hire someone cheaper and not pay taxes?

"Besides, if you enter someone's property and squat without consent, they could be shot for invasion, right?

"Isn't it the same when people come into another country without proper recognition?

"Any other country enforces their immigration laws and protect borders (that incl. Mexico). This nation has the same rights. I also think Pres. of Mexico should STFU unless he could make his country better for his people so that they don't have to come over here to escape their crappy nation."

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