Lashawnda Potts Films Video of Herself and 13-Year-Old Daughter Dancing Naked

mother daughter dancing.jpg
Mother-daughter dancing: ur doing it wrong.
Lashawnda Potts has some interesting views on what constitutes mother-daughter quality time. Namely, she doesn't think it's weird to film herself dancing naked with her 13-year-old kid.

According to charging documents obtained by the P-I, the 29-year-old Potts filmed herself and her daughter dancing while neither of them were wearing clothes. And if you read between the lines of comments made by the officer who saw the tape, we're not talking about mom showing her little girl how to waltz.

"Based upon my training and experience I believe the video to be sexually exploitative of the minor child," the detective told the court.

Potts is also accused of giving her kid alcohol and making her drive while the two went looking for drugs. She's been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, which is a felony. She's also been accused of doing the one thing that would most mortify a teenage girl. Which, while not a criminal offense, is still pretty heinous if you're about to enter high school.

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