KURT and Andy Warhol Exhibits at SAM: A Sneak Peek


Thursday, May 13th, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) unleashes two new exhibits. One of which is KURT, in which various artists explore "freedom, longing, loss, desire, and alienation - as influenced by the life and work of Kurt Cobain". The other is a series of photographs and film portraits by Andy Warhol, which is titled "love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death - Andy Warhol Media Works". Though distinct and personal, both exhibits explore fame and celebrity while examining these two iconic figures.

KURT features around 80 works from artists in Seattle, and all over the world, who were inspired or influenced by Cobain. There are photographs, sketches, sculptures, silent videos, as well as a sound component to the exhibition (such as a track of Nirvana playing, crowd cheering, and Cobain grunting and singing).

Scott Fife's sculpture "Kurt Cobain" is made of archival cardboard, glue, and screws

The Warhol exhibit features a series of photo-booth photo slips (some including self-portraits of Warhol himself), as well as "screen tests" in which Warhol eerily filmed subjects looking at the camera for three minutes straight.

At the end of the gallery is a photo-booth for visitors to take their own picture in and post for other SAM visitors to see. On the wall where you can clip your photo-booth picture to it reads, "I don't think art should be only for the select few, it should be for the mass of American people..." - Andy Warhol.

Add to the exhibit with your own photo!

The exhibits run May 13 until September 6. Check out a preview slideshow from our visit here.

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