Jose Madrigal, Accused Edmonds Rapist, Has Been Deported Nine Times

jose lopez madrigal.jpg
The new poster boy for tougher immigration legislation.
Jose Madrigal doesn't act like the kind of guy who wants to stay in America. And after the crime he supposedly committed last Sunday, it's likely local authorities will oblige him.

Police say Madrigal grabbed a 28-year-old outside of an Edmonds' grocery store, dragged her behind a dumpster and raped her. A local passerby called 911 after he heard the woman crying and saw Madrigal on top of her with his pants down.

It took cops a couple days to identify the Mexican immigrant because they had to sift through 30 aliases. When they finally ID'd him using his fingerprints, they realized why a guy like Madrigal might have something to hide.

His first appearance on a blotter came in 1989 for an armed stick-up. As King 5 reports, since then Madrigal has been arrested for a number of drug and sexual offense charges in Denver, San Diego and San Francisco, crimes which have led him to be deported nine times. A figure high enough to turn the bloodiest of bleeding hearts into a Pat Buchanan fan.

Madrigal is currently being held on rape charges. Immigration authorities aren't speaking about his case, but should he be convicted he's expected to face jail time and, more than likely, another one-way ticket back home.

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