John Mark Karr May Have Started a JonBenet Cult and May Be Living in Seattle, But We're Not Looking for Him

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Creepy? For sure. Criminal on the loose? Not as of yet.
Fox News has the weirdest story of the day. John Mark Karr -- the first-ballot Hall of Fame weirdo who falsely claimed to have killed six-year-old Colorado pageant star JonBenet Ramsey -- is back, and may be living in Seattle.

Karr is in the news again because of allegations made by 19-year-old Samantha Spiegel of San Francisco. Spiegel first met Karr when he was a teacher's aide in her fourth-grade class. Because he's an unrepentant perv, Karr maintained an online relationship with the little girl that ended once her parents found out she'd accepted his marriage proposal.

Now, after undergoing 18 months of de-creepification therapy, Spiegel is alleging that Karr threatened to kill her for (wait for it) not following through with her plans to help him create a cult of JonBenet look-alikes called "the Immaculates."

Karr has allegedly undergone a sex operation and may be going by the alias Alexis Valoran Reich. And his last known address is a p.o. box near Pioneer Square. But that's where the story goes from Mike Tyson on MDMA weird to just plain untrue.

Fox claims that police in San Francisco are looking for Karr and have "asked Seattle law enforcement for help" in finding him. But Seattle police are saying the opposite.

"We got a bunch of calls on this a couple months ago," says spokesman Mark Jamieson, "but we don't have anything on (Karr)."

San Francisco's district attorney is singing a similar tune.

"At this point, there is no case to review for charging," says spokeswoman Erica Derryck.

Spiegel's lawyer says that Karr "lives in homeless shelters and uses Craigslist to find rooms for a few days at a time and eats in soup kitchens." All of which very well may be true. But strange as his story is, Karr (or Reich) is not, as of yet, a fugitive in our city.

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