James Fogle, 73-Year-Old Author of "Drugstore Cowboy," Arrested for...Drugstore Robbery

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In real life, unreformed hoods aren't as pretty as Matt Dillon.
Art imitates life, right? So what happens when art imitates life, and then life decides to imitate itself being imitated? From that verbal contortion you get James Fogle, the 73-year-old who penned the manuscript that would become the critically acclaimed "Drugstore Cowboy," recently arrested for a drugstore robbery.

The Redmond Reporter says that Fogle and another man were nabbed last night for allegedly trying to steal "bins of drugs" from a Redmond pharmacy. The two reportedly flashed a gun in order to force their way in around closing time. Once inside, they tied up all employees except one, a woman whom they asked to shut off the lights. Before she flipped the switch, though, the employee managed to crack the front door and whisper "call 911" to a passerby at the same time that another employee triggered the silent alarm.

Fogle and his accomplice first tried to leave the way they came but were met by a whole squadron of cop cars. They were eventually arrested after they'd turned tail and tried to exit out the back.

Fogle wrote "Drugstore Cowboy" while in a California prison in the '70s and achieved a modicum of fame when Gus Van Sant turned his manuscript into a movie. A little Hollywood love apparently didn't turn Fogle straight, however, as last night's Redmond heist, and a Centralia robbery in which he's a suspect, proves.

Fogle is currently being held on investigation of first-degree robbery. Assuming he was where police say he was, jail time is a given. Which is probably no skin off his back, considering Fogle has spent half his natural life behind bars.

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