iJacking Becoming the New Rage for Lazy Headline Writers

stolen iphone.jpg
Even the Hamburgler knows iPhone theft has been going on for years.
Smartphone owners, beware! KOMO News says that you're the target of the latest crime wave sweeping greater Seattle.

In an article published last night, KOMO declares that iJacking is "becoming the new rage for criminals." What's iJacking? It's a lazy mashup meant to evoke images of a ski-masked baddie snatching your iPhone. And it's anything but new.

Thefts of iPhones -- and smartphones in general -- have been taking place for years. In fact, even in 2007, when the iPhone was first introduced, Apple was already scheming to keep its new toy out of the hands of bad guys by patenting a way to power down the device when it wasn't being used by its original owner. Like a LoJack for your phone.

A year later, consumer agencies were already declaring the iPhone a more frequently stolen techno goodie than its much-thieved predecessor, the iPod. And it's almost impossible to take a stroll around the internet without tripping over lists explaining what to do if your iPhone gets stolen.

What's KOMO's response to all this overwhelming evidence? "Statistic (sic) show 150 iPhones have been stolen so far in 2010, and 351 in 2009 -- nearly one a day."

Or, to put it differently, slightly fewer iPhones have been stolen this year than were at this point last year. Not exactly a solid rebuttal. And proof that the only thing that's jacked about this "rage" of criminal behavior is the way KOMO is trying to convince readers it's new.

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