Michael Hecht Censured, Another Judge Disciplined for Telling Attorney She'd Like Camping 'If I Got You Stripped Naked'

Hecht: Forever benchless
The state Commission on Judicial Conduct today officially censured prostitute-patronizing former Pierce County Superior Court Judge Michael Hecht and asked the state Supreme Court to disqualify him from ever again holding office.The Tacoma judge was found guilty in October of soliciting male prostitutes and threatening to kill a man - accusations he denied under oath. He later resigned.

The CJC also issued a reprimand to Mason County Superior Court Judge Toni A. Sheldon for taking too much time to issue her decisions, and gave a reprimand to Garfield County District Court Judge John R. Henry for suggestive comments he made to two female attorneys who sometimes appear before him in court.

Henry, according to the CJC, was chatting in his chambers with one of the attorneys who said she didn't like to go camping. "Oh," responded Henry, "if I got you stripped naked in the lake and soaped you down, you'd like it." Henry was also found to have taken the other attorney for a ride on his motorcycle, during which he "patted or clutched the attorney's lower leg on several occasions." When they stopped at a remote location, he also asked if he could kiss her, an offer she refused.

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