Gerry Depano, Reverend Accused of Raping Boys, Arrested After 22 Years on the Run

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Depano spent 20 years hiding out in the Phillipines as head pastor at God is Alive Ministries.
From our sister site True Crime Report comes the tale of the Reverend Gerry Depano, an alleged rapist now paying for the sins he supposedly committed more than two decades ago.

In July 1988, a 9-year-old boy told his father that Depano had been raping him every night for months.

But rather than run straight to police, the boy's father figured he'd give Depano a chance to explain himself, first.

After all, Depano was extremely close to their family. While serving as a part-time minister and playground aide at the religious school where they sent their children, Depano had also moved in with them and become a part of their family.

Later that night, however, when the boy's father approached Depano about his son's allegations, he soon realized it was all a ruse. Depano had only moved into their Seattle home so that he could be closer to his son -- only one of Depano's victims. For nearly two years, Depano had been grooming little boys at the school. He raped at least two of them, including the 9-year-old who told investigators that the assaults happened almost nightly.

Unfortunately, by the time the boy's father had called police, Depano was well on his way to the Philippines, where he often traveled to do missionary work.

For the next 22 years, the families of Depano's victims had no clue as to the sexual predator's whereabouts.

But a quick Internet search shows that Depano never gave up on his "missionary work" -- nor his manipulative ways.

While hiding out in the Philippines, Depano continued to work as a minister for the God Is Alive Christian Ministries.

The Ministries' website claims that when Depano first started attending Bible study sessions at the church, he was "the worst of 'em all" -- "a drug user and pusher, a medium/spiritist, and a mind reader." That was in 1981, when Depano was still living in Washington while making trips to the Philippines.

The site claims that Depano didn't finally "surrender himself to God" until he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Apparently, one night, he planned to take his own life, when God "intervened." "He repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior," the website says. The website also claims that Depano was miraculously cured of his brain tumor.

For the next two decades, Depano served as the head pastor of the God is Alive Christian Ministries, as well as the President of its Board of Directors.

Then, this year, Depano decided to return to the United States. He was living in a church in New York city, when a US Marshal's Service team responsible for tracking down fugitive sex offenders finally found him.

On May 4, they arrested the 50-year-old.

Today, Depano is finally sitting in the King County Jail, where he has been charged with three counts of rape and two counts of indecent liberties.

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