Facebook Is Coming to Seattle, Classmates.com Hears Footsteps

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When the first people to welcome you to a new city are the mayor and a Senator, you've got to figure your presence is a big deal.

Facebook is coming to Seattle. The social networking site announced this morning that it'll be hiring 30 or so employees, most of them engineers, for an office that will be up and running in July.

Practically, a classroom's worth of new workers probably isn't worth they hype Facebook's venture is receiving. That the online giant's first franchise outside of Silicon Valley happens to be in our backyard, however, makes it the kind of symbolic victory that has people asking if Seattle is ready to "sit at the big kids' table" when it comes to tech.

Meanwhile, in related news, it just got that much harder for the Classmates.com employees to keep their CEO in the dark about Facebook.

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