Eric Christensen, Accused of Killing Girlfriend "Because She Was a Warlock," Says He's Innocent

Christensen allegedly flew into a rage after finding text messages from his girlfriend's ex on her phone.
For a guy who claims to be innocent, Eric Christensen sure has perfected his talk-like-a-murderer game.

The 40-year-old Christensen first popped up on the scene in January when his girlfriend Sherry Harlan disappeared. Police suspected the him from the get-go. He had prior convictions for abusing women. Harlan's friends said he'd beaten her before. And he told cops that he'd made the 35-year-old take a Wiccan blood oath to promise she'd quit speaking with her ex-boyfriend.

When Harlan's dismembered body was found in a number of shallow graves in Snohomish County, cops arrested Christensen for her murder. He had scratches on his arms and legs. And surveillance tape showed him driving Harlan's car and buying cleaning equipment shortly after she disappeared, the same rug shampoo cops think Christensen used to tidy up Harlan's apartment after the murder.

At a court appearance in Everett yesterday, Christensen denied any involvement in Harlan's death. But a statement he made also makes him sound less-than-innocent: "In ancient times, people who broke blood oaths were sometimes killed," Christensen told investigators, referring to the oath.

Christensen is charged with first-degree murder. His trial is expected to take about two weeks.

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