Empathizing With "Draw Mohammed Day" Cartoonist's Stance Against Censorship

censorship black and white.jpg
Reader Luther Bissett responds to Molly Norris, "Draw Mohammed Day" Cartoonist, Didn't Mean to Start Controversy.

"Though her attempt at satire was a bit misguided (and all too easy to take literally), I empathize with Molly's stance against censorship. She just should have realized that a direct provocation to another culture's religious beliefs (no matter how archaic or ridiculous it may seem to outsiders), will inevitably stir up hatred and, among fundamentalist extremists, violence.

"But she should be commended for exposing how many anti-Islamic individuals and groups are as hateful, ignorant and bigoted as fundamentalist extremists of any religion. Molly Norris also deserves thanks from the people of Pakistan for keeping Facebook out of their country (at least temporarily), much to the dismay of Mark Zuckerberg and the CIA."

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