Dori Monson's Poll: 90 Percent Support Arizona-Style Immigration Law Here

Monson: 'Sick, sad government'
Idaho has now joined 16 other states in filing or planning to file versions of Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law that requires minorities to prove they are U.S. citizens. There's no discernible move afoot in lefty Washington to impose a show-me-your papers statute, but there's obviously righty support for it.

KIRO radio's poll asking "Would you support an immigration law similar to Arizona's here in Washington?" has drawn around 4,400 votes - and almost 4,000 (90-plus percent) of them thought it was a fine idea.

The poll was launched by radio host Dori Monson, and the tally may be a bit unscientific (vote as many times as you want) and politically skewed - the margin tops even a new 2-to-1 Fox News poll, the likely result of his mostly conservative choir, some who, after Seattle's City Council approved a boycott of Arizona, say they're now boycotting Seattle. But it's a heartening response to Monson, who is obviously passionate (rabid?) about the law. Today, after hearing that Mexico President Felipe Calderon got a standing Congressional ovation for bashing Arizona, Monson opined: "What a sick, sad government we have."

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