Dino Rossi Clearly Has An Achilles Heel, and Its Name Is Immigration. Canadian Immigration.

This photo has nothing to do with this blog post. I just can't believe Gary Coleman, and not this 82-year-old man, was the first "Kid From Left Field" co-star to kick the bucket.
Think Dino Rossi's going to tack to the center in his race to unseat powerful Patty Murray? Think again--the Dad in Wingtips is a straight-up anti-Mex hombre, at least in his interview with Crosscut's Peter Jackson (the son of a pretty decent U.S. Senator named Scoop).

Ripped directly from Jacko's piece: "Rossi does not oppose Arizona's controversial immigration bill that was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer on April 23 and gives police wide latitude to detain suspected illegal immigrants. 'Immigration (reform) has been a colossal failure on a federal level,' Rossi said. 'We need a tall fence with a high gate (along the U.S.-Mexican border). A physical wall. We also need a guest-worker program that works.' Rossi said that Al Qaeda could easily establish operations in northern Mexico and cross the border into the United States. 'We need a barrier or structure,' he said."

Great, but what about addressing the real problem? That problem: Canadian immigrants.

Mexicans, they mainly take jobs nobody wants, like picking fruit or being mayor of San Antonio. But fuckin' Canucks? Egads, the next time a beer distributor rolls into my office (this shipment occurs daily) and lets an "aboot" slip, I'm going to put my boot in his ass. I've also got to say I'm sick and tired of the Raptors, Blue Jays, and Maple Leafs luring all the European ballers (or pucksters) who think Toronto is New York without the crime. And Kathleen Edwards and Gordon Lightfoot should be American folk heroes, by George. Does Canada even have folk heroes?

There are also lots of comics from Canada who steal jobs from Americans who would prefer to make dirty jokes for a living rather than working in supermarket delis (not that there's anything wrong with working in supermarket delis). If you think about it, the fact that there are a plethora of Canadian comics is pretty phenomenal, considering how witless the country as a whole is. Canadians also steal shitloads of middle management jobs from Americans, but never upper management, which only serves to cement their lack of drive (see: Michael Cera).

So who's going to be the senator to lay down the fucking law when it comes to the unchecked flow of pudgy, college-educated Caucasians into states like Washington, North Dakota, Michigan, and Maine? Not Dino Fucking Rossi, and certainly not as long as he keeps his focus on tortas instead of poutine. Osama could be sipping Molson 3.0 in Saskatchewan too, y'know.

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