Dino Rossi Spokeswoman: "He's Not Talking About Foreclosures"

Voters tend to get turned off if this is how they think you're making your money.
Coming on the heels of yesterday's disclosure that possible Senatorial candidate Dino Rossi would be speaking at an upcoming conference on how to make money off of foreclosures, a Rossi spokesperson told Strange Bedfellows that her bosses appearance isn't as bad as Democratic operatives are making it out to be.

"What Dino does is he gives talks at these various seminars. He's not talking about foreclosures," spokeswoman Mary Lane Strow told Bedfellows. "He talks about how he made a successful career in commercial real estate...It's not Dino getting up and talking about how to profit from foreclosures."

An unnamed GOP'er speaking to Hotline further clarified: "The context of his remarks focus on sharing his story about how he got his start in the commercial real estate business. They have nothing to do with foreclosures and in fact, Dino has had no involvement with foreclosure investments throughout his real estate career."

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