DeShawn "Cash Money" Clark Poster Boy for FBI Sex-Trafficking Busts

west side street mobb.jpg
You know you're badass when even your tattoo has a tattoo.
Remember DeShawn "Cash Money" Clark and his charming associates, the West Side Street Mobb? He's the 19-year-old who pimped out a handful of girls including his ex, and who now holds the dubious honor of being the only person in the state convicted under Washington's new-fangled human trafficking law.

As Nina Shapiro explained back in November, the law was originally meant to help curb an "epidemic" of human smuggling that was supposedly epicentered at our port. But thus far the epidemic has seemed like anything but. So the law has been reshaped to snag bad guys like Clark who use violence and false promises of love to force women to work the street. To the FBI, though, an arrest is an arrest.

The agency issued a chest-puffing release saying that Clark is one of 500 pimps to be convicted in a nationwide sex trafficking initiative. They were also helpful enough to release a picture of the inkspot used to mark members of the West Side Street Mobb.

Ladies, if your man is sporting that piece of artistry anywhere on his body, find a new man.

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