Daniel Leonard Charged With Making 1,500 Creepy Phone Calls

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But he looks so normal...
Daniel Leonard is the last guy you want to hear on the other end of the line. Formerly a manager at a Tacoma water park, Leonard was charged yesterday with making 1,500 of the creepiest phone calls you're ever likely to hear.

The weirdness started last August, when a Monterey, California woman contacted police after receiving a number of obscene phone calls. Each time the perv rang, her caller ID registered a different phone number. But all the calls featured the same electronically altered voice -- imagine the psycho in the Scream movies -- and the same menacing threats.

"I'll have my hands all over you soon," and, "Why are you shaking?" are two of the more family-friendly excerpts from court transcripts. The caller also threatened sexual violence and, in some cases, described what the victims were wearing.

Four months later, cops had traced 1,556 calls to women in both the United States and Canada back to Leonard, the former human resources manager at Great Wolf Lodge at Grand Mound.

Included in that impressive total were 177 calls to a woman in Leonard's apartment complex. She had been so thoroughly convinced that she was being watched she often locked her doors and drew her blinds. Turns out she was right to be nervous.

According to court documents, Leonard admitted to making the phone calls. He told police he specifically targeted some women, like his neighbor. But other times he chose victims at random by calling tanning salons and coffee stands.

Leonard is facing two federal charges for harassment and making threats. If convicted, he could face up to eight years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

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