Colton Harris-Moore Has Had a Big Effect on Camano Island, But Not as Big as the Media Covering Him

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Things tend to change once these guys show up.
An anonymous reader responds to Camano Islanders Vent Frustration Over Colton Harris Song.

"One of the things a lot of folks don't see in this Colton saga is the role of the press and the media down here on South Camano Island and no doubt on Orcas now too.

"Colton's mom is beseiged and i guess bewildered by all the attention this has generated, everybody from Brazilian film crews to Rolling Stone magazine. The Time magazine reporter is usually on assignment in Afghanistan and Iraq. They put him on this. What does that say about how mainstream media looks at what news is most important?"

"The Wired magazine reporter plans to write a book and yeah, you bet the movie is already being scripted. Almost more than Colton himself, the press has changed life down here.

"It hardly matters now whether the kid actually stole planes or yachts or set the oil rig in the gulf ablaze. Whether he runs barefoot or sleeps in the trees. The story is the story now. And blogs and you-tube stuff, well, it's modern gossip, fuel for fame. Probably took Jesse James years to get that many hits on his Facebook."

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