Boeing Sends Form Letter in Response to 8-Year-Old's Airplane Drawing

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Media Decoder
The drawing Harry Winsor sent to Boeing.
Harry Winsor has seen a lot of airplanes. The eight-year-old from Boulder, Colorado is the son of an ad exec who flies frequently, sometimes to far-off spots in Africa and Europe.

One day Harry decided he could improve upon the planes he was flying. So he sent Boeing a crayon sketch of an airplane that, awesomely, also doubled as some sort of fire truck.

Boeing's response: a form letter that, in part, said, "Like many large companies we do not accept unsolicited ideas." Not exactly encouraging for a frequent flier in elementary school.

But while Boeing's initial response to Harry's drawing seemed in line with the tone-deafness of corporate America, what happened next reflected the opposite.

Todd Blecher, a spokesman who runs Boeing's new Twitter feed, started reaching out to Tweeters spreading Harry's story. "We're expert at airplanes but novices in social media. We're learning as we go," he wrote in one message.

Blecher acknowledged that the aerospace giant has no way of sending more appropriate responses for kid-submitted letters. An issue he says the company is addressing.

For his efforts, Harry got a phone call from Boeing about his drawing and a free tour of the Museum of Flight. He also got a reminder that there are people behind a logo, says his dad.

"It was just so cool to see a company become kind of human," Winsor told Media Decoder.

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