As Rob McKenna Seems Even More Likely to Run for Governor, Democrats Get Their Online Act Together

mckenna and mccain.jpg
Rob McKenna and one of his "friends and allies."
The possibility of President Obama tapping Governor Chris Gregoire for solicitor general has heated up speculation about the next gubernatorial race. If she resigns, it would seem even more certain that Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna will run.

The state Democratic party is now prepared with its attack rhetoric. Its once-aborted Web site targeting McKenna has been back in operation for about a month, according to party chair Dwight Pelz. As readers may recall, the Dems were royally embarrassed in March when its not-ready-for-prime-time site accidentally went live. So, in a stroke of self-defeating logic, the party redirected the URL ( to McKenna's own promotional site.

No longer sending readers elsewhere, the site has been considerably revamped. The reason why?

McKenna's huge gift to Democrats in joining fellow Republican attorney generals as they went to court to stop health care reform.

"He revealed his true self to the public," reads the site, which paints McKenna as an arch-conservative masquerading as a moderate. There's now a separate page on the suit, which calls McKenna's stated rationale--Constitutional questions over federal authority--a "phony story." There are also pages on McKenna's supposed double-speak on abortion rights, on his opposition to light rail and on his "friend and allies" (Tim Eyman, Susan Hutchison and "wealthy land owners."

Republicans, of course, might want to try the same strategy on the Dems' best hope for the governor's office: Representative Jay Inslee, who is rumored to be considering a run. But they'll have to come up with slightly more creative URLs. The domains, and have all been snapped up by Democratic political operative Christopher McCullough.

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