William Wallace's Head Gets Chopped Off Again, But Pigeon Point, Like Scotland, Is Free (For Parking)


As you learned in last week's April Fool's edition, a developer blocked off a street far from my house, causing the 125 bus to South Seattle Community College to be rerouted to my street. And because the bus apparently needs the equivalent of three lanes, the city blocked off all the parking on the already-wide street and limited it on many of the surrounding roads. It's been an unbelievable hardship.

The neighbor that expressed our collective frustration best painted Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace's face on a signboard where the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council usually posts announcements about upcoming block watch meetings. "Sewer lines may take our parking, but they'll never take our freedom!" Wallace is shouting.

Well as happened at the end of Braveheart, Wallace has once again been beheaded.

The even edges show the culprits used a saw in the commission of this terrible crime--the bastards. But like Scotland won its freedom after Mel Gibson was cut down (for awhile at least), so too will our parking be restored (tomorrow) following the sacrifice of our signboard.
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