Who Mark Emmert's Replacement at the University of Washington Should Be

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Mark Emmert's left big shoes to fill. Fortunately we're tight with a size 14.
In the aftermath of president Mark Emmert's jump to the NCAA, many have speculated on how the University of Washington should go about filling its leadership void. Only one person has gotten it right.

In his latest column, Danny Westneat turns his focus away from the boardroom and on to the classroom. Because of budget cuts, he says, the UW is quickly becoming a "diploma mill."

Labs are being cut from the science department. Class sizes are ballooning. And many departments are working with a skeleton staff. Mostly because state support of the university has been cut by a third over the past three years.

Emmert's high salary got a lot of play during his tenure, with defenders saying it was justified by the coffers he filled with private fundraising. But with a looming budget crisis, the focus of UW's next president needs to be on cajoling, coercing and charming the fine folks in Olympia who hold the public purse strings, rather than on wealthy donors. And we think we've got just the guy.

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Save us, LBJ. You're our only hope.
You say exhuming the corpse of a long-dead ex-American president is dangerous, illegal and ultimately pointless and we say tough times call for tough decisions.
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