What's the Real Difference Between a Mac and a PC? One is Very Rich

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Where's the Zune bump?
Contrary to what your TV will tell you, the difference between a Mac and a PC isn't measured in cool. It's measured in cash.

Sure, that dude who dated Drew Barrymore looks hipper than the stodgy Daily Show guy. But did you know, assuming stock options are a part of his commercial deal, he's also loaded?

Internet curator Jason Kottke ran down an interesting list the other day: what if, instead of buying a PowerBook when it first came out, you bought Apple stock instead? Turns out, your $5,700 investment would be worth over $330,000 today.

In a follow-up, Kottke compared Apple to Microsoft. And even with a natural leg-up (Kottke's snapshot starts after the release of Windows 95), the 'Soft's quadruple in value can't compare to Apple's increase by a product of 24.

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