What Will Be the First Mike McGinn Scandal?

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When will McGinn's secret past as an NBA back-up be revealed? And how will it play with a burned-by-basketball electorate?
Technically, hiring a guy who lied on his resume probably counts as a scandal. (Especially in this town.) But excluding that one minor kerfuffle, P-I columnist Joel Connelly wants to know: What will Mayor Mike McGinn's first scandal be?

Connelly offered three ideas of his own. And so have we. See if you can figure out which are his, and which are Daily Weekly's.

1) Seen leaving Safeway with plastic bag

2) Turning without making proper hand signal

3) Driving in carpool lane

4) Failing to renew Sierra Club membership

5) Drinking bottled water

6) Strangles hooker, doesn't properly compost body

C'monnnnnnnnnnn, number six.

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