Troy Meade, Everett Cop Who Shot Drunk Man Seven Times in the Back, Found Not Guilty

Meade fired eight rounds at Meservey while he sat in his car.
The trial of Troy Meade, the Everett cop who shot a drunk man sitting in his car seven times in the back, hinged on two different interpretations of one moment. And today, a Snohomish County jury, by acquitting him of a second-degree murder charge, gave weight to Meade's version of events.

Meade claimed 51-year-old Niles Meservey presented him with no choice. Meservey had apparently shrugged off a tasing and was ready to back out of a parking spot in his white Corvette, said Meade. The 12-year-old veteran claimed he was just trying to protect himself and prevent being run over, a scenario he'd seen play out with another Everett police officer months earlier.

Steven Klocker, the other officer on the scene, disagreed. In testimony, Klocker claimed that he and Meade had many other, non-lethal alternatives at their disposal. He also said that he overheard Meade say, "Time to end this; enough is enough."

Meade, a 12-year-veteran, was also acquitted of the lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter. He remains on paid administrative leave and the jury will now decide if he deserves restitution.

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