The Ugliest Statue in Seattle

Genghis Khan rides again: one of the world's 10 ugliest.
Inspired by a recently completed, 160-foot Senegalese monument, Foreign Policy decided to countdown The World's 10 Ugliest Statues. As you might imagine, the list is dominated by Soviet-era, propagandistic monoliths. Hell, even America's one entry on the list -- a 9/11 monument so ugly it was actually regifted by Jersey City -- comes from a Russian-born artist.

Beauty is in the eye of the youknowtherest. And one person's eyesore is someone else's masterpiece. But that doesn't mean the U.S. doesn't have its fair share of fugly art. So in honor of FP's list, we decided to help out the next person who might try to compile such a compendium of crass commemorations by finding the ugliest statue in Seattle.

And the winner is...


...Louise Bourgeois' Father and Son at Olympic Sculpture Park.

It's really hard to knock a sculpture with such a sweet back-story: Stu Smailes was a frugal, 32-year computer analyst with Safeco who, upon his death in 2002, left a $1 million grant to the city. He was also a gay man who liked realistic sculptures of male nudes, something Seattle didn't have at the time. It's just too bad his dying wish ended up in the form of a dad who kind of looks like he's peeing on his son.

For examples of the best al-fresco art Seattle has to offer, check out this guide from Brian Miller.

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