The Stranger's Big "Get" Was Gotten Over a Month Ago

Noted intellectual property thief Christopher Frizzelle is practically breathless today in his praise for this week's Stranger cover story about Tim Burgess' anti-panhandling ordinance. Why?

In the course of reporting the story, The Stranger obtained a spreadsheet that an elite downtown business group paid to develop and maintain--detailing the personal lives of the homeless, their habits, their appearance and physical impairments, their financial situation, whether they have pets, what days of the week they've been seen, speculation about mental health status, and other obsessive information.
With phrasing like that, you'd think this revelatory Excel document was buried underneath Hoffa's grave in the lost city of Atlantis, and only unearthed thanks to the grit, determination and digging skills of reporter Dominic Holden. Except, um, that it wasn't: that same spreadsheet was actually e-mailed to me by someone at City Hall over a month ago.

Silly Dominic. Off doing all that hard work when all you had to do was read this post.

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