Tea Party Map Says Washington's Anti-Government Fervor Isn't Red Hot

hot tea.jpg
Washington's Tea Party movement is apparently a lot cooler than this cup.
Yesterday's packed tax day Tea Party rally at Westlake Center may have suggested otherwise, but a new map says that while anti-government fervor is red hot in some parts of the country, in Washington it's only lukewarm.

The map is Flash, so in order to see it you'll have to click here. It also has its limitations. It doesn't account for population density, so crowded spots like New York City and Houston appear to be more politically active than rural states like Montana. And the map was built using data from Meetup.com, so if your Tea Party rally was organized using e-mail or Facebook you won't be represented.

But for a somewhat representative sampling of how the teabags blot this great country of ours, you likely won't find a better map.

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