Stripper Gives Reporters a Sneak Peek Into Seattle's Newest Gentleman's Club

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The future of Mariners post-game entertainment.
Déjà Vu's Dream Girls, the controversial new Roger Forbes-owned strip club located a stone's throw from Safeco Field, aims to keep a high moral standard as it opens this week, stating in its agreements with the Mariners that everything that could taint our youth will be kept behind closed doors. Now that the club has sorted out its legal issues with the ballclub, customers are welcome to the soft opening today, and the hard opening on Monday--the same day the Mariners play their home opener against the Oakland A's.

As was on display during a Thursday afternoon open house for press (all dudes save for a pair of chicks), the new club includes the latest and greatest in strip club technology. Supervisor Matt Teasley boasts that Dream Girls will be the "finest club the state of Washington has ever seen".

With 22 years of strip-joint knowledge--and one-dollar bills, we assume--in his back pocket, Teasley helped to pick out the colors and design of the place. He is especially pleased with the rounded stage in the middle of the club, which is sort of like an island in a suburban kitchen, except for it's made for clear platform heels, not turkey sandwiches.

During the media event a dancer from the club even gave a performance for the journalists present (some had claimed that the only strip club stock footage they had was outdated). The aging, tan stripper was escorted on stage by the club's lawyer, Pete Buck. We are not allowed to reveal her name or show her face, but she said we could include in our stories that she runs a pole dancing class. And after seeing how buff she was, climbing on poles doesn't sound half bad.

Then she proceeded to scale the 11 ft something pole and twist down it to AC/DC's "Back in Black" in a pink piece of fabric. Local news stations filmed, reporters snapped pictures, and everyone was silent during the free show. There was a mixed vibe of awkwardness and fascination - like when a parent has their toddler on a child-leash.

No, she didn't bare it all. However, rolling around spread eagle in a 24 inch piece of cloth never keeps all the cookies in the jar. After her performance, the handful of reporters present politely applauded before slowly exiting, nervous laughter lingering in the air. And with that said, every 14 year old boy in America decided he wanted to become a journalist.

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