Sheldon Plummer, Lewis-McChord Sergeant, Admits to Killing Wife, Keeping Body Stuffed in Trunk for a Month

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Sheldon Plummer allegedly killed his wife Winter after an argument.
Winter Plummer wasn't happy with her husband Sheldon when he returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq.

Winter's dad says the 27-year-old thought her other half, a sergeant based at Lewis-McChord, had gotten too friendly with some of the women in his unit. The Lacey couple argued frequently. And during a fight last month, Sheldon apparently snapped.

According to a confession given to Thurston County detectives, Sheldon admitted to strangling his wife with a rope after he says she came at him with a knife. He then hit her over the head with a blunt object, stuffed her body in a trunk and stashed it at a local storage unit.

Sheldon managed to allay suspicions about his missing wife for a month. He got rid of her stuff to make it look like she'd run away and text messaged Winter's relatives from her phone to make it look like she was still alive.

But Sheldon's plan was undone when he made the fatal error of asking a friend how best to dispose of a body. Not a smart move anytime, let alone when you're wife has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Sheldon initially told investigators that his wife had packed three suitcases and split. But cops had a hard time buying his after they found Winter's car parked outside his apartment building. Her family also insisted she wasn't the type to abandon their two-year-old daughter.

Last Friday Sheldon confessed and led police to Winter's body, which he'd since moved into his garage. He's currently being held on $750,000 bail on charges of second-degree murder. And according to court records, Winter was right to be suspicious: Sheldon allegedly told a court official that his girlfriend would be present for his hearing.

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