Seattle's Least-Favorite Process Server Has Received His Heavenly Summons

Image by Kevin P. Casey
He went "the extra mile" and then some.
About a year ago, Laura Onstot wrote up a memorable cover story about Ron Belec, the city's most notorious server of legal papers, who, over a long career, developed a reputation for doing his job by pretty much any means necessary.

Belec was known for pushing that line between diligence and outright harassment--and indeed he managed to get the Washington State Supreme Court to affirm that the line doesn't even exist, at least not for people in his profession. Given the continual deleting of inappropriate online comments that's become necessary on Laura's story, it would appear that Belec also attracted a colorful assortment of friends and enemies.

The former, at least, are in mourning this week, as Belec died of a heart attack a few days ago. He was at home, his company tells the Weekly. No doubt that made him easy to find when the emissaries from the beyond came to give him his destination instructions.

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