Seahawks' Draft Grades: Pete Carroll Is an Honor Student

russell okung.jpg
No pressure, Russell, you're only replacing the greatest lineman this team has ever known.
There's something inherently schizoid about crystal-balling the career of a 20-year-old kid only hours after a team has knighted him. Although many highly compensated people will argue otherwise, there's little logic to the grades given out prior to round one of the NFL draft, other than the Perceived Wisdom of the day.

Still, if you're a Seahawks fan, logical or not, you have to be satisfied with what took place last night at Radio City Music Hall. All the smartest kids in class agree: Pete Carroll aced his first big test.

With the first of two picks, Seattle got Oklahoma State's Russell Okung, considered to be the most polished left tackle in the draft and a natural replacement for All-Franchise retiree Walter Jones. And by virtue of the good fortune of picking after one team that lost its marbles years ago (the Oakland Raiders) and another that momentarily misplaced theirs (the Jacksonville Jaguars), the Seahawks were also able to pick up Texas safety Earl Thomas, a versatile ballhawk.

For these incredibly sensible, unsexy picks, Carroll and Co. were rated in the top five percent in their class. Now all they have to do is, ya know, actually play the games.

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