Reader: Washington Doesn't Want Health Care Reform

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Very subtle.
Reader Cherie responds to With Lots of Questions Raised by ObamaCare, Governor Appoints New Health Care Cabinet.

"Latest poll results in TNT were 60% in favor of McKenna suing on the constitutional problems of this health care bill. Only 40% of WA citizens were for health care. SO, why the big fuss to push through this health care crap.

"The Basic Health Plan in WA State right now is horrible. I tried pricing it out and it was cheaper to keep my kids on the high-priced individual health plan we had. Unbelievable. So we won't have any other options at all. No exchanges if they choose to use this "model for the rest of the nation" as Gregoire puts it. She must be retarded. Have they compared the rates for that plan to regular insurance plans. IT ISN'T CHEAPER!!!


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