Reader: Pearl Jam's Tree-Planting Is a Start, But Far Behind What They Should Do

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Trying to be better men. But not doing enough for some.
Reader Nick responds to Members of Pearl Jam Will Likely Be Dead by the Time They 'Mitigate' the Carbon Impact of Their 2009 Tour

"Climate change is a serious issue and one that demands serious responses. It is nice to talk about what we can do to pitch in, but what is needed is strong action from those who can provide it. The issue isn't if Pearl Jam should or shouldn't be helping to offset the huge footprint they create simply by being international recording artists; the actual question is 'are they doing enough?' The answer, as pointed out by Vernal, is no."

"We expect more from those who can provide more. If this was a press release about Monsanto, Phillip Morris, or Exxon the response would not be 'hey, at least they are out there doing something', the response would be to ask why aren't they doing more. The greater the foot print that each one of us leaves creates a greater moral and ethical responsibility to make amends for that footprint.

"I think that it is wonderful that Pearl Jam is paying other people to plant trees. It is a wonderful gesture and will hopefully inspire more to follow suit, but to view this as anything more than a gesture, to think that this will have actual impact...well that would be more foolish then taking on Ticketmaster."

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