Reader: Gun Rights Are Not the Same as Gay Rights

Gun Rights.jpg
Not to be confused with the gay rights movement.
Reader John Pierce of responds to Video: "The Daily Show" on Open Carry in Starbucks and Beyond.

"I am the open carrier featured in the Daily Show piece and I thought that I would clarify one point.

"We do not feel that the struggle facing gun owners is the same is that faced by the LGBT community. Especially since in most of the country, citizens may generally exercise their right to bear arms whereas gay and lesbian couples are still denied the right to marriage equality in the vast majority of states. This is shameful and every civil libertarian should be working to change their state laws."

"Having said that, what I was pointing out was that the METHODS of seeking to 'normalize' open carry is similar to gay and lesbian couples engaging in public displays of affection to force the close-minded to confront the stupidity of their prejudices and hopefully move beyond them. That is the analogy I was trying to draw.

"In any case, I thought Wyatt did a great job of making fun of the entire topic and I had a great time working with the Daily Show crew!"

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