Reader: Cops Deal With the Worst Our Society Has to Offer

Even less fun than it looks.
Reader Tom responds to Vancouver Deputy Edward Bylsma Sues Burger King for Loogie on His Whopper.

"I just passed by a police station today with flags at half-mast.

"Some of you kids need to realize that police have to put up with the worst shit that our society has to offer. It does not justify the brutality, corruption and greed that some of them are guilty of, but by and large the vast majority of police are totally under-appreciated.

"And some punk has the gall to spit in a customer's burger? How the hell do you justify it? 'Oh, he's a cop.' What if YOU were that cop? And then you criticize the cop for using his resources to find the punk guilty, without fabricating evidence or falsely accusing someone. With comments criticizing the cop on here, if I was that cop, I'd want to settle with Burger King for a huge sum of money so I wouldn't have to put up with your whiny-ass 911 calls again or get shot in the line of duty."

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