Reader: Beer Snobs Better Than Bud Drinkers

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Our reader thinks this guy should pay more for his six-pack. In part because of his bad taste.
Reader Theresa Oborn responds to Washington's Beer Tax to Be as Regressive as All the Others.

"'Target the microbrew snobs,' he says. 'They can afford it.'

"Is he fucking serious? Oh, let's not pick on poor Anheuser-Busch and their 101 different ways to sell us piss-lager.

"Who makes micro-brews? SMALL FUCKING BUSINESSES. The 'snobs' are the ones mindful enough to sponsor their neighbors. I, being poor, would rather give an extra dollar or two to my neighbor in exchange for a delicious product than expand my gut with gallons heartless corporation swill.

"This is just another 'sin' tax, which people like my mormon parents are going nod their heads at righteously without thinking it's sticking it to the little guy, probably much worse than it would bruise any large business that's affected."

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