Reader: A Cab Is Cheaper Than a DUI

Costlier on the front end, cheaper on the back.
Reader Moe responds to Restaurateur Mike McConnell Gives His Version of DUI: He Refused Shakedown

"Driving after drinking can make you do stupid things. Even if you've only had a couple of beers, and you think you're doing just fine (and maybe you are), you're also wondering if maybe you're over the .08 limit. I'm guessing that, if McConnell wasn't drinking before he drove, he would have pulled over, given the other driver his info, and then left, and that would have been the end of it."

"But here, it seems like he was worried he'd be charged w/DUI, so he left the scene of the accident - with his attorney (wtf kind of attorney tells you this is a good idea?).

"His subsequent refusal to take the breath test wasn't so smart either because right now breath test results are being suppressed, so if he went to trial the jury would never have known what he blew, but now they'll be told that he refused to take the test because he was afraid of what the results would show (again, wtf kind of advice is he getting from this attorney?).

"Bottom line: cabs are always cheaper than DUIs, and safer too. This guy should have taken a cab, or had his attorney give him a lift to wherever he was going."

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