Puyallup School District Beats Blowjob Lawsuit

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When they were seniors, four Emerald Ridge High students were profiled in a series of stories in the school paper about oral sex. This meant detailing the kids' sexual histories with their names attached. Which, because they were still in high school, meant a fair share of name-calling and abuse.

(Guess which ones got called "sluts"? If you answered "the girls" then congratulations, you've been paying attention.)

The students contended that they never gave permission for the paper to identify them by name. The paper claimed that wasn't true. Saying that the kids only got upset after their parents did, and offered as proof the fact that one of the students called the paper days before publication to have a quote slightly altered.

In true American fashion, the they said-they printed eventually made its way to the courts. Where yesterday a jury found in favor of the Puyallup School District, denying the now-graduated teens the $16 to $32 million in damages they'd been seeking.

Unfortunately, this victory for the First Amendment comes with a catch: as a result of the lawsuit, the district has taken final say about "objectionable content" away from the student editors and given it the school principals, who tend to have a little more skin in the game when it comes to not getting sued.

So sorry, kids: looks like no more cover stories about blowjobs for you.

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