Microsoft Drops Two Syllables From Seven-Syllable Mobile Phone Name

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Hopefully easier to use than to say.
In this week's April Fool's issue, we took note of the seven-syllable name for Microsoft's upcoming, game-changing, breakthrough mobile phone.

Where Google has the geek-chic of Android, and Apple the sleek ease of the iPhone, Microsoft came up with: Windows Phone 7 Series. Which sounds more like an accessory hanging next to the extension cords at Radio Shack than a product you might want to make an integral part of your social life.

Well, apparently the company that has stood up to IBM, the U.S. Justice Department, and the E.U., was unable to withstand the ridicule of Seattle Weekly. Today comes news that Microsoft has lopped two syllables off the name, losing "Series."

Only three more syllables to go before Microsoft finally delivers the obvious choice: the Me Too. (Actually no, we think the WinPhone is a no-brainer.)

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