Medical Marijuana Activist Steve Sarich Accuses Cops of "Assault By Bodily Fluids"

Steve Sarich says you'll never get that smell out of the drapes.
If Steve Sarich is to be believed, he's had a rough couple of months. First, the medical marijuana activist got sprayed with a shotgun blast during an attempted robbery of his Kirkland home. Then, when police were serving a search warrant, Sarich claims detectives smeared human shit on his bedroom wall.

Sarich made his allegation of "assault by bodily fluids" in an e-mail to the King County Sheriff's Department. In the message Sarich said the substance "is still being tested," but added "I have three dogs and I know the difference." Sarich went on to write that he was willing to take a DNA test to prove he didn't actually put his own poop on the wall.

Sarich doesn't say why he thinks cops might have done some scatalogical finger-painting in his boudoir. Which is only part of the reason this story stinks.

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