Mike McGinn's Other Deputy Mayor Also Resigning Because of Small Cut on Inside of Mouth

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Harley Soltes
Smith says he'll use the extra time to return to his activist roots, and continue adding to his impressive collection of sweet fedoras.
Seattle Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith is resigning this week after "getting one of those really annoying cuts" on the inside of his mouth.

Smith incurred the wound on April 1 while eating a pistachio and has spent the past three weeks tongueing it in hopes it would heal on its own. His resignation is effective Friday. In a letter to Mayor Mike McGinn, Smith said it was impractical to take an extended medical leave.

"While I've thoroughly enjoyed the four months I've spent working by your side," he wrote, "it would be selfish of me not to consider the effect my lengthy absence might have on our beloved city."

Added Smith, "You just wouldn't believe how much this sucker stings when I try to drink a glass of OJ."

Smith's resignation is the second high-profile departure faced by the McGinn administration in the past two days. Former Deputy Mayor Phil Fujii resigned on Monday after undergoing shoulder surgery.

"I will miss Darryl because of his judgment and his passion for the city," McGinn said. "He knew a lot of issues, too, because he's worked on so many issues over the years."

Mayoral spokesman Aaron Pickus declined to say who might fill the roles vacated by Smith and Fujii. Not because he didn't know, he said, but because he wanted to spend more time trying to dislodge a splinter that has been "bugging me all week."

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