Smartest Jury in the World Solves Case While Deliberating

These 12 sleuths will make you think twice about ever making fun of jury duty again.
There are plenty of sad-sack stories in prison. But considering the jury charged with determining his fate was the same group that found the key piece of evidence to convict him, Larry Lloyd's story just might be the sad-sackiest of them all.

Last May, Lloyd was stopped by police for driving with a suspended license. But instead of cooperating he ran.

When cops finally caught up with him they noticed he was no longer wearing the coat he'd been driving in. They found it in a nearby yard with a crack pipe in the pocket. But Lloyd insisted the jacket wasn't his.

At his trial in February, Lloyd's lawyer introduced the coat as evidence, claiming that some papers inside it proved it wasn't his client's.

But when the jury asked to see the jacket during their deliberations they found a secret pocket hidden between the layers of lining. Inside was a note with Lloyd's name on it.

With the new-found evidence, a jury convicted Lloyd of possession of a controlled substance and driving with a revoked license. He was also found guilty of third degree assault for squeezing the arresting officers' thumb.

Lloyd was sentenced to 47 months in prison, a stint he's expected to pass by wondering how a jury of his peers could be so much smarter than he is.

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